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Malnourishment is the result of a deficiency of animal fats in your diet. However, choose your meats wisely because not all animal fats are equal. Foods high in good fat are key for your nutrition.

Avoid deli meats because they are often loaded with a lot of additives and preservatives. Instead choose a healthier alternative by making a roast. Purchase your meat whole and cut the meat into portions yourself. Next, freeze the meat roast then thaw it later to enjoy as a delicious roast beef, turkey or chicken sandwich. Whole organic meat cut and prepared in this fashion is an adequate source of protein and fat. This is the good type of fat which is missing from deli meats.

Patience Is The Key To Success

Patience, planning and study of your foods is the best way to keep control over your meals to maintain a healthy diet. Surpass processed foods and instead choose foods with healthy animal fats and proteins.

Examples Of Good Fat Foods

Some examples of foods that are high in good fat are meats which contain animal fats and proteins. These foods are rich in both vitamin A and vitamin D. Both are nutrients that are key to human growth and development. Furthermore, animal fats stabilize your blood sugar after ingestion.

About Pork

Is pork bad for our diet? Well there’s been a lot of doubt around pork and many people still avoid it. The Irish and Scottish are a healthy population after generations of eating pork. Opposite to this diet are the Jewish and Muslim cultures who do not eat pork. Nevertheless, pork is still a centerpiece of food for other cultures.

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Make sure the meat you buy comes from an animal which was raised on a pasture in a humane way. Pastured meat is a healthy source of meat which is also high in good fat. Depending on where you live, this type of meat may be far away from where you live. Therefore shop at the grocery store and find the most fatty type you can there, preferably a pulled pork.

Sleep Well From Foods High In Good Fat

Sleep is very important to our health and lack of sleep results in health deficiency. Consumption of animal fats help us to sleep properly at night. The adrenal glands which are active in our body during the day become relaxed from foods high in good fat.

Because our adrenals relax by consuming good fat, we achieve a state of slumber easier. Opposite to relaxed, our adrenal glands become active when we eat bad fats such as carbs and low-fats. As a result, restlessness occurs as our adrenaline increases.Eat foods high in good fat such as butter and cod liver oil for relaxation of the adrenal glands. In addition, high-quality pink or grey unrefined sea salt relaxes our adrenal glands. For example, a small pinch of this sea salt on your tongue before bedtime relaxes your adrenal glands. Since salt is a natural hypnotic, you will sleep well after consuming it.

Bad Fats & Good Fats: How To Choose Your Condiments Wisely

Our taste buds are very sensitive. We sometimes eat too many sauces and extra flavors at meal time. However like any form of eating, condiments should be used in moderation. Be careful on which condiments you choose and read the ingredients before use.Unhealthy fats and sugar may be in your meal, thus be careful to read the ingredients. Unfortunately some brands of ketchup contain the harmful ingredient high fructose corn syrup. Obesity, fatty liver disease and many other health problems result from this ingredient. Butter, cream and coconut oil are foods high in good fat. Each of these 3 condiments contain healthy saturated fat.

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About Salt In Nutrition

Salt often receives criticism due to the bad reputation it has in nutrition, but no need for despair. As long as you choose a high-quality free-running salt as a condiment and use the right amount it is nutritious. Receive 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of salt daily, this is the dietary recommendation.

Sprinkle the highest quality salt you can find on top of your home-cooked meals. Doing so will help you to avoid the unhealthy Omega 6 fatty acids used in the edible industry. Man-made food products such as processed salts are plagued with sodium chloride, which is a very unhealthy version of this condiment.


In conclusion, animal fats hold an important place within our diet and should not be feared but welcomed to your plate. Obtain the unique health benefits that these foods high in good fat offer by using nutrition as your foundation. Finally, be sure to read the ingredients of food labels and choose the right foods with fat in order to remain healthy.

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