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The best MCT oil for keto is natural, undiluted, high in C8 or C10 and derived from coconuts. The scientific meaning of MCT is “medium-chain triglycerides”. These medium-chain triglycerides are small fat molecules that turn into energy in our bodies as we eat. During digestion, this fat becomes an energy source within our system even before glucose. Furthermore, medium-chain triglyceride fat maintains control of our cravings and appetite. In addition, this product provides the body with energy during times of calorie restriction. Also, weight reduction is more efficient plus we receive benefits for our brain and immune system.

How MCT Helps Us Burn Fat

Not only is MCT almost impossible to store as fat, but it also accelerates thermogenesis. First of all, MCT does not absorb through the lymphatic system as a long-chain fat does. Instead, the liver immediately converts it from food into energy. Next, the liver utilizes the medium-chain triglycerides immediately upon digestion, resulting in thermogenesis. As a result, fat burn increases during thermogenesis. On the keto diet, you will enjoy the numerous health benefits of this product. Fortunately, a number of companies offer many options to choose the best MCT oil for keto.

Ketogenic Benefits Of MCT

Ketogenic dieters will benefit from the inclusion of MCT in their diet. First of all, medium-chain triglycerides boost ketones within the body. Secondly, this boost of ketones triggers a signal that causes body fat loss. Thirdly, these ketones enable improved functionality of our brain. Furthermore, MCT oil is also beneficial for diabetics. Rest assured, your body does not create ketones or elevate insulin levels from consuming this oil. Fortunately, ketones enter the body and burn fat without the elevation of insulin. The truth is, you can actually trick your body to burn it’s fat by using this remarkable oil. 

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How To Choose The Best MCT Oil For Keto

Whether you are on a standard or targeted keto plan, MCT is beneficial. Rule of thumb: the best oil contains 100% pure caprylic acid, otherwise known as C8. Caprylic acid is the most ketogenic of MCTs, but the most expensive. Guaranteed, this ingredient will provide you with the greatest amount of ketogenic energy. For instance, Brain Octane is an MCT oil that contains 95% caprylic acid. In addition, exercise precaution as a consumer and read the ingredients on each label.

Best MCT Oil For Keto: Our 4 Picks

Below, we list our 4 favorite MCT oil choices that are in our opinion the best for a ketogenic diet!

LevelUp Clean MCT Oil at Amazon 

No matter what lifestyle you currently live, LevelUp is a healthy resource. As an organic energy supplement, their Clean MCT is healthy, ketogenic and a fat burner. Why is this product so great for keto? Because of its premium caprylic acid content, which is a keto-friendly and healthy fat. Throughout your daily activities, the fat burn will occur in your body upon consumption of this top keto oil. LevelUp will ignite you into ketosis, maintain your blood sugar level and curb your desire for carbs. As a result, you will enjoy better mental clarity, more energy and increased weight loss. 

Nuton’s Brainfood Pure C8 MCT Oil

Packed with a whopping 95% of ketogenic caprylic acid, Muton’s Brainfood Pure C8 MCT oil is great for keto. Enjoy an all-natural non-GMO MCT oil that is devoid of harmful ingredients like Lauric acid. Not only do you get a C8 version of this product, but you also can purchase it as a C10. 

Plant-Based 100% Potency MCT Oil by Nature’s Way

Thankfully, the wonderfully-delicious coconut plant is the source of MCT. Nature’s Way is a company that realized the benefit of coconut and made it the forefront of this ketogenic oil product. As a consumer of their Plant-Based MCT oil, you receive nutrition derived straight from the coconut. Undiluted and 100% potent, this keto oil is a provider of natural purity. Also, It is a product that contains a very high concentration of caprylic and caproic acids. Therefore, it is a top pick for our study of the best MCT oil for keto. 

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MiCkey T Eight MCT Oil 

Enjoy a unique ketogenic oil with a combination of healthy ingredients. Unlike other brands, Mickey T Eight MCT oil is a mixture of both coconut and RSPO palm kernel oil. With the RSPO standard of this product, rest assured that the production of the palm oil is certified as sustainable. That way, you are guaranteed a product that is true in its purity. In addition, the potency of caprylic acid in Mickey T Eight MCT is one of the highest available.


In conclusion, shop smart in order to get the best MCT oil for keto. With the advice of this article, you are on the right path to achieve optimal nutrition and ketosis!

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