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In case you didn’t know, January 15 is National Booch Day. Timely considering that Flying Embers just rolled out their new national campaign, Dry Fermented January. The goal of this initiative is to help consumers make a healthier choice for the new year. So if you need an occasion to toast the new year and celebrate a conscious effort to be healthier as you go into 2024, this is it. On this special holiday, allow us to focus on the benefits of drinking kombucha.

Toast It Up For National Booch Day

National Booch Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the benefits of drinking kombucha. Rejoice in the taste of a fermented, fizzy beverage that offers amazing health benefits with each sip. Additionally, Kombucha beverage settles your stomach with every gulp and serves as an all-around good-for-you drink. Therefore, it’s a great day to commemorate the steps you can take to live a more healthy lifestyle. But to take your toast one step further, then allow us to point your attention to Flying Embers.

Flying Embers, A Better-For-You Kombucha Drink

Like the traditional kombucha, each bottle of Flying Embers is packed with live probiotic. Which means, it’s a drink of live cultures considered “good” bacteria. As a result, a drink of Flying Embers offers loads of health-promoting benefits to supplement your body’s natural microbiome and gut health. Also, each drink is brewed with botanical adaptogens and champagne yeast. The result? A truly better-for-you buzz.  Enjoy a beverage that’s zero sugar, zero carbslow-calorie, USDA certified organic, vegan and gluten-free.

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History Of The Flying Embers Drink

The Flying Embers unique brew, however, is just one part of the brand’s draw.

“Every can of Flying Embers represents our appreciation and commitment to create drinks that tie back to our core values. Our name, Flying Embers, was born out of a transformational experience when we had when a massive wildfire threatens our home and fermentation lab. And since then, we have dedicated our efforts to celebrate the experience of life, recognize the power of nature, and put the spotlight on gratitude,” says VP of Marketing, Kyle Ingram.

Flavorful Choices In Kombucha Drinks by Flying Embers

Now, before you start your toast, it’s also worth noting that Flying Embers has a lot of fun flavors you can choose from. Ancient Berry is a popular choice, featuring a bright and fruity mix of elderberries, goji berries, raspberries. Ginger and Oak is a clean, refreshing, yet earthy flavor. Lemon Orchard is a delicate mix of lavender, mint, and ginger. Grapefruit Thyme is a combination of the tangy sweetness of grapefruit, punctuated with the subtle flavors of thyme. Black Cherry’s fresh dark cherry mix is flavorful with a bright lime spritz. And Pineapple Chili offers a delicate sweet and spicy mix. Plus, both new flavors contain higher ABV. The shelf stability gives you the ability to take your hard kombucha with you on-the-go without needing to keep it cold.

Nutritional Potency Of Kombucha

“All ingredients are USDA certified organic, including our unique adaptogen root blend of ginger, astragalus, turmeric, and ashwagandha – all with a healthy amount of live probiotics,” adds VP of Marketing, Kyle Ingram. Feel free to enjoy the benefits of drinking kombucha by choosing nutritious products by Flying Embers.

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Now, pick a flavor; raise your glass. Next, remind yourself that today is just as much about celebrating everything you love about kombucha. It is also about you taking a more conscious step toward better health as well as mindfulness, and drink up.

Happy National Booch Day!

For more information on National Booch Day and Dry Fermented January initiatives, check out the Flying Embers websiteFacebook Page for more information.

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