Low Carb Recipes Dairy Free: 4 Meals + The Benefits Of Zero Dairy




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Do you want to start following a healthy diet this year? Then try serving and eating low-carb recipes and dairy-free options. Eating dairy-free low-carb foods can benefit you in several ways. 

One is that it supports weight loss by getting rid of dairy from the foods you eat. Note that some dairy products have added sugar that may not be helpful if you want to lose weight. Going dairy-free can also improve digestion and clear up your skin. Since your diet is also low in carbs, the combination can give you these benefits:

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Less cravings
  • Better mood by keeping your hormones balanced
  • Improved heart health
  • Lower blood sugar content

Are you now convinced of the benefits of eating low-carb recipes dairy-free? If you are, then start with these simple yet tasty recipes:

Avocado Tuna Salad

With a net carb content of just 1.5 grams, this low-carb salad recipe is surely good for you. It has avocado, which contains essential vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, potassium, folate, and magnesium.  Moreover, this salad has tuna, which can supply your body with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and protein. 

Low-carb Banana Bread

You may also want to give this low-carb banana bread a try. It makes for a great breakfast or snack. To remove dairy from this recipe, just substitute the butter with coconut oil. It uses both almond and coconut flours, too, giving the loaf the correct moistness and density. 

Lemon Keto Chicken

Are you looking for a protein-rich dish? Then this low-carb and dairy-free lemon keto chicken recipe is a perfect choice. It uses chicken, which is, of course, an excellent source of protein. It is a filling dish that is easy and quick to make. Moreover, it contains a healthy serving of broccoli. You will also like its lemon sauce as it adds an exciting flavor to this recipe. 

Creamy Zucchini Pasta

Another great choice for your low-carb recipes dairy-free journey is this tasty creamy zucchini pasta. It has zucchini, which is an incredible low-carb substitute to pasta. The good thing about zucchini is that it is also low in calorie and rich in fiber. It can, therefore, support your weight loss efforts. This recipe also has artichoke hearts that supply your body with enough fiber. 


Sticking to a low-carb and dairy-free diet is not that hard. With the simple recipes here, you can start the year right by changing your eating habits for the better.

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