Answering the Question of Whether Boxed Water is Better




A question of whether or not Boxed Water is Better has emerged in our more eco-conscious society but what is its real impact? What about its effect on health? Is it really healthier than bottled water? 

All are great questions that this blog post will look to answer while also showing you some factors that you might not have even considered. 

A Positive Environmental Impact

Let’s start with the biggest selling point. Boxed Water is a much more environmentally friendly option than bottled water. Paper boxes are made from sustainable materials and are easily recyclable. Even aluminum water cans are much more damaging to the environment when you consider the smog emissions from smelting and other detrimental effects.

On the other hand, boxed water has a much lower carbon footprint than both plastic and aluminum. We’ve seen other industries swap over to paper packaging and significantly lower their carbon footprint. Why can’t the water industry do the same?

It Doesn’t Contain Toxins

One of the biggest issues with bottled water is that plastic containers are often loaded with toxins. Every sip you take out of a plastic bottle puts you at risk of ingesting chemicals. 

Plastic is made using a ton of chemicals that can leach into the water over a period of time, especially if the water is put through rapid temperature fluctuations that are common with shipping. In fact, we don’t know the extent of the long-term health risks associated with ingesting these toxins. 

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Boxed Water is a better alternative because it doesn’t expose you to toxins. As a result, the water has a much cleaner taste. 

A Sustainable Beverage

Boxed Water represents their brand based upon their environmentally-friendly promise. Water from their company is sourced in areas that require less travel distance, thus lowering their carbon footprint even further. But this process also provides cleaner water for consumers. They also follow more thorough processes than bottled water, putting it through a vigorous purity process. With bottled water, you never know if you’re just getting tap water! 

Great Tasting Product By An Environmentally-Conscious Brand

Let’s face it. Plastic bottled water is the more convenient choice today but as we’ve already learned, it comes with a host of potential health problems. But the biggest health problem is to the planet. 

The leader in boxed water has an initiative where they are cleaning beaches and planting new trees. So drinking boxed water is a way to help fund ambiguous tasks like replanting a million trees in five years and funding cleaner beaches. 

Final Thoughts

This post has answers the question about the benefits of boxed water. Not only does it have a profound impact on the health of the planet. In addition, it will help you avoid the detrimental toxins that are in bottled water. It’s time that people start thinking outside of the box by turning to water inside of the box! 

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